How to install an Integra Type R Lip (94-97)

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How to install an Integra Type R Lip (94-97)

Post by unknownchic on Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:31 am

This is a thread on how to Install an Integra Type R Polyeurathane Replica Type R Lip:

*Just a note.. The Red Integra in the photos are of my previous Integra... which was unfortunatley stolen*

Well when I bought my lip I had no clue how to install it, so I couldnt find anything how to install my lip so I decided to take some pics during the installation process of mine and post a how to thread on how to install a aftermarket/replica type r lip for us older gen 3 tegs!!

I bought a polyurthane lip from

The lip does fit the car although it will look an inch to short. Most aftermarket lips come with 5 brakets and 2 types of screws to use.

You will want 7 in total so you need pick them up from a local hardware store. You should have 2 short s brackets and 5 long ones. When doing this You also want to pick up four tapping screws and bolt screws with washers on them (I am not tool smart so you might want to look at the pics to see what I am talking about).

You will also need a type of electrical screw driver to drill holes and drive screws! Most lips wont come with the holes aligned - you have to do it youself. A tool or sharpie helps for marking where to drill your hole.

This is the basics that come with most lips:

The sliver screws you wont need at all. The other ones with the bolt looking screw in's (refer to picture below) you will use to hold the lip to the bracket.

You will want these screws with washers to hold the bracket onto the car:

First you want to mount the brackets onto the car, it makes it much easier for marking holes.

Once you have all 7 mounted, the 2 shorter brackets on the out side and the longer brackets in the 5 middle holes. The holes look like this:

Put the top of the screw with the washer through the thin side of the hole, slide the larger bracket hole into the screw and then use the bolt looking thing to screw it hand tight on.

Once you have all of the brackets mounted, take your lip - you will need 2 or 3 people for this. You want to hold the lip onto the car exactly how you want it to fit on when you are done. Make sure to put the lip onto the brackets where the bottom part of the bracket with the small hole is under the lip (as in the bottom side with the small hole of the bracket is holding your lip for you or you are resting the lip on the bracket.)- this will allow you to use the hole to mark where you want to drill. While someone holds the lip in place, the other person will mark the holes. To do this you will need a sharp tool or sharpie.

That is the hole of the bracket you want to use to mark your drill hole. Once you have marked the holes you can use an electric screw driver or bit or something along those lines:

Simply put the sharp tip in the middle of the hole and drill through the lip - it should go through smoothly. You will need to flip the lip over and drill the same hole on the underside also and it should come out the a perfect size.

Once this is done you can mount the lip onto the brackets. I mounted my lip where the bracket was behind the lip where you cant see it. If you look at the pic below that side will line up with the bracket and the bracket will go ontop of that side of the lip. Some people do it where the bracket it showing, but when I tried it that way - it pushed the lip to far up.

You will line the hole up with the small bracket hole and the bracket will go ontop of that hole.

Once you have it lined up you use this screw:

To mount the lip to the bracket. What we did here was put the piece that the screw goes into and held it on the top side of the bracket and lined it up with the hole.

Once you have that piece of the screw lined up with the hole on the top side of the bracket (you have to hold it there to keep it in place) and the lip hole lined with the under side of the bracket, you can put in the screw. Take your free hand and push the screw into the holes a little ways. Next you can take the screw driver and use that to screw the screw the rest of the way in. You will do this with all 7 holes.

Your end result should look like the pic above. Once you have done this, there is only one thing left to do - the ends. The ends will hang out if you dont screw them in.

We went and bought tapping screws for this. You will need a total of 4. This is where it can also be a little tricky as the lip is going to be a tight fit ont he last side - and will look an inch to short at first.

For this step you will need 2-3 people.

Pick the end you want to do first, then pull that end over the end of your bumper and hold it, while someone else does the same with the other side.

At this point you will want to mark where you are going to put the holes. Once you have marked on the lip where you will drive in the tapping screws, the person holding the other end can let go.

Now you want to line the end you are working on up with where you marked the lip and want it to hold. You can then take the tapping screw and hold it with the point in the middle of where you marked your hole. Then take the screw dirver and put the screw in.

You will then take the next tapping screw and drive that one in under the one you just put it. Then end result should look like this :

You will do the exact same thing on the other side, but it will be a little more difficlut. This is when the lip will look an inch to short. You pretty much have to pull the lip as if you were trying to stretch it untill it goes over the end of the bumper. It may take a few trys to get it into to place but it will go, just keep trying. Once you have it where you want it, have the other person mark the holes and drive in the tapping screws, then end result should look like the pictures above. Once this is done -- you will have a fully installed replica/aftermarket type r lip =]

Keep in mind if you do this with only 5 of the brackets or have shorter brackets in the front - the middle of the lip will go up a little further - I had this problem al ot, as the hardware store was closed so I couldnt pick up more brackets, I will however pick them up and install those sometime this week.

This is how my lip looks on my car now:

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Re: How to install an Integra Type R Lip (94-97)

Post by La'Chele Marie on Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:34 am

Good write up...
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