How to on Integra guage clusters...

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How to on Integra guage clusters... Empty How to on Integra guage clusters...

Post by unknownchic on Mon Jan 19, 2009 1:41 am

Well I know I've had a burnt out bulb I wanted to replace or something.

I took my guage cluster out to replace a burnt bulb and decided to go further and pull of that plastic front cover.. oh was that a pain. I know some people like to clear their needles or what have you, so this may help you a little bit.

First you need a small phiilips head scerw driver. You will see 2 small screw on the top part of the guage cluster (in the middle of all that black plastic one to the mid left and one to the mid right). You will need to unscrew this first. Once these are unscrewed you should be able to slip off that black plastic cover. Yay you.

Now you will see a guage cluster held on to more plastic by really small screws. You should hav a clear view of these screws. If I remeber correctly there are 1-2 on each side and 1-2 on the top, but there may be more or less - but you should be able to see them all at this point. You need to unscrew these and you should be able to pull the guage cluster out towards you. Keep in mind its still wired in so do not pull it to far out. If you are unable to pull it out towards you, then you have missed a screw or you are pulling to far for the wires/or wires could be caught.

At this point you should be able to see the wires and and unplug them. To do this all you do is push down the plastic clip looking piece and pull, it can be a pain but it will come out. There should be 2 of these.

Once these are off you can pull the entire guage cluster out. Oh how pretty.

If you look at the back of the cluster you should be able to see where the light bulbs twist in and out. Grab it, twist it and it should pop out. Now... the light bulb should just pop out with a pull/twist. Now you do what you just did but the opposite way to put the new light bulb in. Obviously do the same thing when you put the bulb in its socket back into the guage cluster, just twist/push it back in.

If you need to take off the front clear plastic cover for some reason... please be patient... its not a fun thing to do in my opinion. Its a pain you have to pull up the plastic on the edges on each side while pushing down on the clips all at the same time. It will come off eventually.

Now for the easy part. To put that clear plastic cover back on.. pop the plastic cover back in place... yes its that easy you just push it back on and it should clip in rather smoothly.

Re check to make sure all of your bubls are in place snugly.

Once everything looks good go ahead and connect the wires back into the guage cluster. Now before screwing it back in- check you bubls to make sure they work.

Now you are ready to put it back. All you do is place it back against the plastic holding and align it with the screw holes. Pick up the screw put it in place and screw it back to the holding brace thing for it. (excuse me I am not good with technical terms).

Once the guage cluster is back in place you can take that nice black plastic piece and slide it back in. One that is in place take those last 2 screws and screw them back to the top of that black plastic piece and your guage cluster is back in place and ready for use!

Now hopefully I didnt leave anything out. If I did you should let me know =] Its been awhile from the last time I ve done it.
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