How to change rear tail light bulbs on your Audi

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How to change rear tail light bulbs on your Audi Empty How to change rear tail light bulbs on your Audi

Post by unknownchic on Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:39 am

Yes I know these are pesky little suckers aren't they!? You actually have to take that darn tail light off.

You will need a phillips head in most cases but a flat head wont hurt to have either. First you need to open up your turnk. Once you have the trunk open you need to locate the round cover in the carpeting. Usually it is on the side of the trunk when you first open it, however in some cases its in the back corners. You pop this open, you use the flat head or you finger. Once this is open you should locate the screw. You will want to unscrew this screw first. Make sure once you almost have the screw out you get a grip on it, because there is a gap and if it falls you wont have the screw anymore and you need it. Once this screw is out you should be able to place you hands on your tail light. Then you will want to push/slide it as if you were sliding it out towards the trunk. In some cases you can kind put your finers between the car and tail light (towards your rear tire) and kind of push slide it or pop it off - just be cery carefull.. you dont want to break anything and these things tend to break easy). You do this because there are these little nub things that hold them in place and you really dont want to break these or any type of clip and they are easy to break. Once you have your tail light out, it will be hanging by the wires. You should be able to see where the different light bulbs are. You want to grab the little thing that sticks out where the light bulb is, you should be able to turn it and pull it out. Once you have that out, you will need to take the bulb out. To do this grab the bulb, push it down and turn and you should then be able to pull the light bulb out. I highly reccomend you dont get the light bulb from an auto parts store and get it from a german car dealer/shop b/c the ones at auto stores tend to blow quick. Once you have your new light bulb you place it back into the socket and kind of push/turn it back in, there is a little trak that the light bulb follows so dont force it, if it doesnt go in the first time - take it out and do it again. Once you have the light bulb in place you can put the socket back in it whole and twist it back into place. Now you take the tail light and try to put the nubs back in there hole/align them and then sort of slide it back on snuggly and dont force it if it doesnt go. Also make sure the black rubber lining to prevent water from getting in there is on the outside, not shoved in anywhere it shouldnt be. Once you slide the tail light back into place you want to hold it there. Now take you other hand pick up that screw from earlier and place it back into its hole inside the trunk. Make sure its aligned with the tail light. Screw the screw back into place and you should be good to go. I know sometimes it can be easy and other times it can be a pain. If you have a TT then I am sorry because I know some of the TT's have more screws and fun involved.

Hopefully again I did not forget something and feel free to let me know. I used to work for Audi and had to do this all the time... then again its been 5 months so I am a little rusty on it. I am not sure if older models or the newer modles (like the new body styled A4 are like this), as I never had to do an older or the new A4's before. I would suggest if you dont want to deal with it to just drive up to the dealer and they should be able to do it for you really quick.
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